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"It really is only $20 per visit, every visit. No hidden fees or xrays and the Chiropractic care in the Alpharetta Chiropractic Clinic is outstanding. Wow! 20 Chiropractic Alpharetta is such a blessing for all of us. Thank you."

~ Mark W. - Domestic Engineer

"I thought chiropractors were only good for neck and back pain until I visited 20 Dollar Chiropractic Woodstock GA. I got over a really bad flu in one day under chiropractic care."

~ Ruth J. - School Teacher

"I could hardly walk into 20 Dollar Chiropractic Canton GA because of my severe low back pain. I was pain free after two visits!"

-John H. - Law Enforcement

"My child's ear infection was better overnight after her first adjustment at 20 Dollar Chiropractic Kennesaw."

~ Betty L. - Mother and Wife

"I never used a chiropractor before 20 Dollar Chiropractic Woodstock GA for my aching neck. I loved it and felt relief instantly."

~ Jake P. - Contractor

"After going to 20 Dollar Chiropractic Alpharetta, I understand why so many patients go there. I am so grateful."

~ Rick F. - Minister

"I feel 20 Dollar Chiropractic Clinic Norcross is a miracle brought into my life."

-Susan B. - Resource Librarian

"I thought there must be a catch to 20 Dollar Chiropractic Canton GA, but there wasn't. Just a great chiropractor at a great price."

~ Mark D. - Locksmith

"I never heard of 20 Dollar Chiropractic Woodstock GA until a friend told me how great it is. I don't wake up stiff anymore."

~ Reba M. - Personal Life Coach

"I got over my headaches fast. It took a few adjustments at 20 Dollar Chiropractic Alpharetta to correct my 25 year old low back pain but it's gone!"

-Ralph M. - Farmer

"After visiting 20 Dollar Chiropractic Norcross, I finally got my first good night's sleep in two years. No pain."

~ Hugo M. - Retail

"I came with pain and left with a smile. Thank you 20 Dollar Chiropractic Kennesaw."

~ Rachel M. - Student