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Our patients have found one major difference at $20 Chiropractic-Quality is Affordable! That's right because we charge only $20 for the first visit and $29 per visit after that with no hidden or extra fees.

We serve almost 80,000 patients regularly in our Metro Atlanta locations! So, when people search for chiropractors in my area, many patients come to $20 Chiropractic.

We started $20 Chiropractic with the premise of doctors and staff able to concentrate only on loving and serving patients. To do this, we don't take insurance, but our patients find our $29 fee is less than most co-pays. We will gladly give you a receipt that can be filed with any insurance carrier if you want.

One of the main things people quickly find out is how we treat patients like family members. That means you will receive the same quality chiropractic care our own family gets. We have helped a wide variety of disorders from neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, and leg pain to headaches or restoring and maintaining optimum health for our patients.

We have been in business for over 30 years, and all of our doctors are National Board Certified and State Licensed. It would be our honor to be your family chiropractor.

Wake-up feeling great! We've been helping our patients do that for over 30-years.

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