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Welcome to 20 Dollar Chiropractic - Dahlonega located at 1808 South Chestatee Street in Dahlonega, GA. We treat every patient like a family member—just like the way chiropractors used to administer chiropractic care.

We decided to open our office in the community because we love the wholesome feeling of the people in the community.

Welcome to 20 Dollar Chiropractic - Dahlonega

Welcome to $20 Chiropractic-Dahlonega. Wake up feeling great! We've been helping people do just that for more than 30-years!

Dr. Bob Barner became a chiropractor in 1984 after experiencing a complete depletion of his own energy and health at a young age. After chiropractic helped him regain a healthy and productive life, Dr. Bob became a chiropractor to help others to experience more health and vitality as well.

Many people in Dahlonega area have asked us to open a $20 Chiropractic Clinic-Dahlonega in town. Well, we listened to your request and are very excited and honored to be your chiropractor!

Our Dahlonega Chiropractor office is conveniently located in the Yahoola Landing Antique Mall shopping center at 1808 S. Chestatee St. This shopping center is on the main road going into Dahlonega along with the Yahoola Creek Grill and World Finance. We are right down the street from the University of North Georgia.

We're not just another chiropractor in Dahlonega. Our office is entirely different from other chiropractors in the area because we offer quality chiropractic care for only $20 per visit! No hidden fees or gimmicks-just quality care for our patients. We know the price is unbelievable, but we have multiple clinics in the Atlanta area, and the patients love our fast and affordable quality chiropractic adjustments.

Our patients can experience relief for headaches, neck/back pain, disc problems, allergies, menstrual cramping, and numerous athletic injuries. Although our Dahlonega chiropractor can help with many health conditions, the majority of our patients experience pain relief right away!

We don't only provide chiropractic care for the general public, many of our patients are medical doctors and staff in the Dahlonega area as well. We don't prescribe drugs or do surgery, but everyone appreciates the fast, all natural, benefits of our $20 Chiropractic-Dahlonega.

If you want to see what everyone in town is talking about, come on in and try us out-you have everything to gain, and nothing to lose-except for your discomfort. We would be honored to be your family chiropractor. Call (706) 381-0883 now to schedule your free consultation.


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20 Dollar Chiropractic - Dahlonega
1808 South Chestatee Street #103
Dahlonega, GA 30533
(706) 381-0883


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“It really is only $20 per visit, every visit.”

- Mark W.

“My migraine headaches are gone, since I became a patient at 20 Dollar Chiropractic Norcross.”

- Mary J. - Stock Broker

“I got over a really bad flu in one day under chiropractic care.”

- Ruth J.

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1808 South Chestatee Street #103

Dahlonega, GA 30533

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